Ian Filippini SB Bowl

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Rocks Out At The Santa Barbara Bowl

Ian Filippini SB Bowl

Santa Barbara Bowl

The Santa Barbara Bowl is an amazing outdoor venue located in, you guessed it, Santa Barbara (www.sbbowl.com). The Santa Barbara Bowl boasts many different artists from many different genres throughout the concert season. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara attends an event at the Santa Barbara Bowl any time he gets the chance!

The Santa Barbara Bowl is located at 1122 North Milpas Street, which is right on the outskirts of downtown. There is over 4,500 seats dedicated to reserved seating and over 4,900 seats dedicated to general admission for events at the Bowl. There is also standing room in front of the stage if you feel like getting up close and personal with the performing artist.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara enjoys attending concerts and comedy acts at the Santa Barbara Bowl because it is a fun and relaxed atmosphere. All seating is outdoors and there are many concessions to choose from before you get to the seating area.

This season there are performers such as Willie Nelson, Steely Dan and John Legend that will be performing concerts at the Bowl. But before you get dressed to impress for any of these concerts, be aware of the infamous huge hill that you must walk up to get to the actual venue. Of course for those that need it or want it, there is a courtesy shuttle that will take you to the top as well. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara doesn’t mind the exercise before a show!

There are many great performers that make it to the Santa Barbara Bowl and you can check out their schedule here https://sbbowl.com/concerts. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara you can check out http://www.slideshare.net/ianfilippini/ and https://twitter.com/iaianfilippini.