Ian Filippini Ahi Sushi

Ian Filippini Has A Taste Of Ahi Sushi In Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Ahi Sushi

Ahi Sushi

Ian Filippini loves his sushi! As a man who loves sushi, Ian Filippini has tried many sushi restaurants around the Santa Barbara area. One of his favorite sushi restaurants he has found is Ahi Sushi on Upper State Street. Ahi Sushi is located in the same plaza as Tee Off and Baskin Robbins (www.ahisb.com).

Ahi Sushi offers fine and fresh sushi options. Ian Filippini likes that they also offer specialty cocktails. They serve a special Japanese alcohol called Shochu. Ian Filippini thinks that it tastes similar to vodka, but it has less alcohol. Some of the favorite food items on the menu are Crazy Crab, Ragin Cajun and their chicken teriyaki.

Visit Ahi Sushi’s website listed above to browse their menu and to learn more about their restaurant. Visit www.seniortaxplanners.com to learn more about Ian Filippini.