Ian Filippini Paragliding

Ian Filippini Talks Paragliding Over The 101 Freeway

Ian Filippini Paragliding

Paragliding Over The 101

For you sporty people out there, there are so many sports to choose from! There are even many choices for adventure seekers. Ian Filippini is not necessarily an adventure seeker, but for his friends that are, he suggests paragliding as one of those adventurous sports. In Santa Barbara there are several options for paragliding. Some of the companies will even take you paragliding over the 101 freeway!

Now for Ian Filippini, and for many others driving down the 101, seeing paragliders fly over you can be a bit terrifying! You are worried for their safety as well as for your own! What happens if they crash? According to Fly Above All (http://www.flyaboveall.com/) and Eagle Paragliding (http://paragliding.com/), all paragliders are adequately trained so that they will not crash into you or anywhere else!

In order to paraglide solo, you must be prepared physically and mentally. Both of the above mentioned companies can help you and make sure that you are ready to fly over the 101! Check out the above websites to learn more about how you or your adventurous friends can learn to paraglide. Check out www.ianfilippini.com to learn more about Ian Filippini.