Ian Filippini Mother's Day Botanic Garden

Ian Filippini Treats Mom With A Trip To The Botanic Gardens

Ian Filippini Mother's Day Botanic Garden

Mother’s Day At The Botanic Gardens

Mother’s Day is supposed to be a special day just for moms to feel appreciated and loved, but sometimes figuring out a way to make her feel this way can be difficult. Ian FilippiniĀ knows that trying to come up with a fun and creative way to celebrate your mom can prove to be harder than it sounds. The usual brunch and flowers may start to get old year after year, so what are we to do? In Santa Barbara there is a great option at the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens is having a special Mother’s Day picnic in their California Wildlife Meadow (https://www.sbbg.org/classes-events/events/mothers-day-picnic). Ian Filippini did some research and found out that you can buy packages for a picnic for 2 or 4 people and the Botanic Garden will have a gourmet picnic basket waiting for you and your mom to enjoy! They even include a special flower just for mom. If you want to bring your dog, families are more than welcome to!

The baskets include admission to the gardens and you can choose a vegan or meat option for your meal. In your basket will also be a map of the botanic gardens as well as a coupon for 20% off of anything in the gift shop. Ian Filippini agrees that this sounds like the perfect gift for mom that she won’t forget!

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